Trust your abilities - stylised female face mirrored in line art in shades of pink

Trust your Abilities

Trust your abilities - Graphic representation of a woman's face in shades of pink artwork from the series face to face No-5-1

I trusted my abilities.

They did NOT disappoint me!

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Trust in our abilities is essential

When we are seemingly faced with something impossible, we should remember we always have all the tools we need within us. The ability to motivate and believe in ourselves is a powerful source. With determination and purpose, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. It is crucial to shape our inner dialogue positively and believe in our strengths. We can tackle challenges and fulfil our dreams through self-reflection and developing strategies.

When we are insecure, for whatever reason, we doubt ourselves and our abilities easily. In this case, it is helpful to acknowledge how many problems we have already solved. Which obstacles have we managed or skipped over?

We stumble over stones - not mountains

Maybe we stumble. So what? Possibly we are falling. So what if we do? It's an experience we are very familiar with, even if we don't remember it. When we learnt to walk, we sat on our bottoms countless times. And what did we do afterwards? We simply got up and tried again. Meanwhile, we are experts. Most of the time we don't fall.

We always forget one thing: if we stumble, fall, or fail, we have learnt some lessons. We have learnt how not to do this or how we should behave. We may have seen something on the ground that we would otherwise have missed. Perhaps we simply need to slow down or move more carefully. We have learnt many lessons along the way.

This brief statement always reminds me of everything I have already achieved. I realize how many supposed problems I have solved and what obstacles I have overcome. When I remember these moments, I realize how well-trained my skills are and that the biggest obstacle is always my mind, which comes up with some impossible scenarios. Don't believe everything you think.

Our mind is often the largest stone we need to clear away. This critical, incessant admonisher is far too often too timid. But how would we ever have learnt to walk if we had listened to our minds? We would still be crawling around like a toddler. That would be pretty exhausting in the long run.

Often we expect others to trust us. But let's be honest: how can anyone else trust us if we don't trust ourselves? Of course, we can pretend that we are 'trustworthy'. Sometimes it works. But we have to ask ourselves how credible we are. In the long run, our lack of self-confidence hollows us out and our hard-won skills atrophy. What remains is an empty shell.

We have "been given" some of our abilities naturally. But if we don't train our talents, they will not be developed or grown. In many cases, talent is not enough. We need to utilize our "gifts" properly. I have written a poem about this topic calledThe Gift“ verfasst, das davon erzählt, wie bedauerlich es ist, wenn wir diese Geschenke des Lebens an uns nicht zu schätzen oder einzusetzen wissen. Möge es dir eine Inspiration sein.

Conclusion: trust yourself, trust your abilities. Be aware of yourself and embrace your true greatness. Even a mountain cannot harm you.

Find out here what possibly happens if we don't trust ourselves and our abilities: The Dark Secret of Manifestation

Even the German health insurance companies give tips on how to build up your self-confidence: Selbstbewusstsein stärken – die besten Tipps (


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