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Carmina Philia, whose name means something like "beloved poetry"

Who am I?

This is a question that often comes up for me. Am I someone who stands out from the crowd or is part of it? Am I the dreamer always reaching for the stars or the realist with both feet firmly on the ground? Maybe I'm just a colourful mix of everything, a unique piece of the puzzle that completes the big picture of life. Who knows who I really am? And maybe that's the exciting thing about it.

Who am I? That's a damn good question that could be answered with either two words or a long list of dates. But in my opinion, a string of chronological data says nothing at all about a person. That's why I limited myself to the essentials, or better the part of my person that is also part of this blog. May this question be answered by my art, if it wants to be answered.

Who am I? Once I was a "BerlinPoetin" and as "Die Soffie" a "Salonsirene". Now I'm just me, just like that. I am the one who loves poetry: Carmina Philia. That seems worth knowing about myself because authenticity makes people interesting. And yet names are just constructs. Only our identification with them makes them special to us. Whether we have given them to ourselves or received them from others is meaningless.

It doesn't always take a reason to do something, but the very best reason is still that it's fun, brings joy and sometimes reaches other people's hearts or is even an inspiration for others.

Playing with words is a great joy and that must be enough for those who seek the intention behind it.

A blank sheet of paper is an empty space that often asks me to fill it - to remove the vacuum. When an empty space calls out to be filled, can that call be resisted? Also a Blog is empty space that wants to be filled.

Of course, the same also applies to visual representations. During the lockdowns, I used the time to open myself up to new experiences and discover new skills. I often use the fruits of this journey, my digital art, as so-called thumbnails for my poems or the other posts I publish on various topics.


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