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Initially, we were three who opened our poetic hearts to an interested and moved audience in their readings as "BerlinPoeten". From 2014, I was one of the "Salon Sirens" as "Die Soffie"; from 2020, it was just me.

Readings 2010-2019

Producer gallery Danitart

Cafe K im Kolbe Museum

Kladower Forum

Altstadtmeile Spandau Berlin mittendrin: „Was Kunst du“

Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

Kunst im Weitlingkiez (2012-2018)

Gewerkschaftshaus GJEW e.V. Bildungsstätte Haus am Pichelssee  

Café Barfly (2012-2016)

Panoramalounge Berlin

EWA Frauenzentrum

Weihnachtsmarkt Potsdam

Europäische Handwerkstage

Tag des offenen Ateliers Zitadelle Berlin

Artsalon Berlin (2016-2019)

Lange Nacht der Bilder


Flyer word exhibition and readings 2017 Salonsirenen in the Artsalon Citadel Berlin-Spandau
Wortausstelung 2017 Artsalon Berlin

If you have missed the opportunity to attend one of my readings before, visit my BLOG.



poetic - inspirational - humorous

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