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The Dark Secret of Manifestation

There is a lot to see and read about manifestation. Masses of content on all social media platforms explaining how to create our dream life. We only create our reality through the power of our thoughts. And if we don't successfully create our dream life, then we are doing something wrong. Of course, we are!

Das Bild zeigt ein abstrahiertes, befremdliches Gesicht, dessen linke Seite dunkelgrau abgedunkelt ist als Symbol der dunklen Seite der Manifestation, die zuerst im Kopf beginnt.

I am a powerful magician!

All my fears came true.

© Gabriele S. Müller

Master of Desaster: Alle meine Ängste wurden wahr!

So if we don't succeed in bringing our desires into reality through imagination or journaling alone, we are either not consistent enough or holding on too tightly instead of letting go. Letting go is supposed to be a deciding factor. Sometimes it is. Sometimes not. It just always depends.

If we are still not succeeding despite our persistence, it is necessary to realign our subconscious. Quick successes are not to be expected because it is so sluggish until it has adapted to new "programmes". Something will always be found to explain why it is not working, especially if the participant is inconsistently enough.

To provide a remedy, countless workshops manifest the dream life of those who offer shallow truths and cheap techniques for many euros and dollars. After all, we must first learn to be powerful creators of our reality. We should be worthy of that!


Are we living in a simulation?

Is manifestation our creation?

To avoid misunderstandings: I do "believe" that we are the creators of our reality. And we may be living in a simulation in which we are both the player and the character. I don't rule it out. On the contrary: it opens up countless exciting possibilities. For inspiration, I recommend taking a look at the work of Donald D. Hoffman . YouTube is also a good source to look into his theories. But Mr Hoffman is just one source. If you want to delve deeper, you'll find what you want. Or will be found!

Information finds us, even if we believe that it enters our consciousness by chance. Life is ONE synchronicity. What appears to us as a sequence of coincidences is nothing more than the manifestation of our expectations: from moment to moment!

Maybe it's one more flat truth for some people. Well, I'm not trying to sell it or even offer a workshop.

I might have to think about it!

The engine of manifestation: unconscious fear

For me, it is an experience. Sometimes a wonderful but often a frightening one. Assessments of these experiences are quite subjective. Many people have similar experiences. Otherwise, there wouldn't be that much talk about it. The fact is, we manifest without limit.

Because the way we look at the world reflects our beliefs. But the mirror is selective, and so are our eyes, our focussed consciousness. And to prevent us from going mad, evolution has given us this selective perception. Otherwise, we would not be able to decide at all. The truth is, we don't know that we are doing it, manifesting. We do not realize how we do it. We are doing it incessantly. We do not fail; we choose! Here is the truth: we are powerful creators. I will show why this is true.

It is a question of perspective. It always is.

Let's say I try with all my might to prevent the "catastrophe". This is the first stone that sets the machinery in motion to make this "catastrophe", once only imagined, visible. Because that's all manifestation is: becoming visible or making visible!! To be not overwhelmed by my fear, I suppress it. I look at it half-heartedly. Maybe, and push it away.

I take action to avert the worst. I decide in favour of things that are not according to me and do not correspond to my true self. I decide against my nature and needs. At the same time, I pretend that these are my needs. At this point, I have tricked myself.

My advisor, my dark advisor, is fear disguised under the guise of reason. I am always accompanied by a dull feeling, without realising that I am heading straight on the path to my "catastrophe". This dullness tells me very clearly what I don't want to hear: it's not right! But I don't listen because I think I know how to prevent the catastrophe. There are lots of clues along the way: health problems, things that are difficult and sluggish, relationships become challenging or end, financial worries, etc. Everything on this path is a challenge.

But in the end, we grow from it! Or do we not? What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. It could hardly be more stupid! Nevertheless, I go on, on and on...

Why is that? Because my fear drives me. It is the engine that gives me steam under my butt. That foul breath of lost confidence in myself.

Sand in the Machinery

The dark secret of manifestation is revealed

Suddenly Everything Stops! The engine stops: disaster! What I wanted to prevent with all my might has happened and the price is high. My health is ruined, my bank account is exhausted and my relationships have gone down the drain.

Does that sound familiar? You have been fighting against the odds with all your might as Don Quixote tilting at windmills? Fighting against a phantom that has empowered itself. You were so brave and so strong. You have fought your way through. No matter what it costs. But you knew it all along. You didn't believe yourself. You didn't trust yourself. In secret, in the dark, you trusted your fear, which is so familiar to you, which used you with its whispers to manifest itself.

Now, at the very latest, is the time to face up to fear. The perfidiousness of fear lies in its repetition. It tirelessly quotes itself and eats a big, fat belly through our emotions. Sluggish and gorged to bursting, it grins at us and shouts triumphantly in our faces "You see!".


Look at what you have created:
You have manifested what you have been visualising in your head with masterful precision all along.
Congratulations on this masterpiece!

I don't mean that ironically at all. For me, it is the realisation, the gain that lies in this experience. If I didn't previously believe that I could create my world, then this very moment of catastrophe clearly shows me that I can. Absolutely! I am a master of the art of creation. Shaping the world according to one's own ideas is the ultimate discipline.

Conclusion: Discipline your ideas and give them the desired form. Pay attention to what you are telling yourself and immediately correct the image you have created. Rewrite the narrative.

The catastrophe: Wake-up call for repentance

I refrain from offering techniques on how best to face your fears. I am not a psychologist. However, I would like to give you a small hint: I have learnt a lot from the teachings of Carl Gustav Jung, especially his work on synchronicities, shadow work and archetypes because this is where our "gold" lies buried.

And perhaps the "catastrophe" that has now occurred is the "wake-up call". Finally, the word derived from the Greek means "to turn around" or "to reverse," "to twist," or "to change direction." Borrowed from the Latin word "catastropha" we find the meaning "annihilation, destruction".

It's always a question of perspective. What kind of story do you want to write?

With this in mind: happy manifesting!

All Rights Reserved © 11.01.2024 Gabriele S. Müller

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