Given only to see the world through my eyes

Blogpost Bild - eine stilisierte Frauenmaske mit rotem Mund und die Erde mit Iris als Auge sowie ein weiteres Auge im Sttirnbereich ebenfalls in Form der Erde als Pupille eingebettet in blauer Iris

It was gifted to me - not just given
a dream dreamed of life
just to experience the beauty of itself within
to see the world through my eyes
only through these eyes behind my skin

If this gift were taken from me
at this time
they would form a line
each beautiful word
would never be interwoven into a new book’s world
they would pass by…

Even the never travelled mysterious places
and the long-needed goodbyes
that never happened for ages
Also, these wonderful people
I never knew
were banished from my paper sheet without having a clue

The never-risen sun
of this emerald-green sea
and the forget-me-not kissed by the morning dew
would never be a rhyme’s key

If I had to pass away however
this gift had been lost forever
given only to see through my eyes
never this world would arise

Undefined – unborn
never fulfilled with life
the world through my eyes
would be unknown…

Alle Recht vorbehalten 2022 © Carmina Philia

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